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Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN

Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN

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Delivery Time: 7 Business Days + Shipping

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What you get:

  • Authentic COC Volkswagen document
  • Fast delivery with tracking number
  • Hassle-free

Digital PDF copy available prior to shipping

Please note: COC is available only for EEA-origin vehicles.

Shipping Time

You can choose between UPS Standard or Express shipping.

  • UPS Standard: 0€ (COC processing time + 3 to 7 business days)
  • UPS Express: +19,90€ (COC processing time + 1 business day)

Bear in mind that the shipping time is added to the processing time of your COC.


You are purchasing an authentic VW Certificate of Conformity (COC), which certifies the vehicle's compliance with regulatory standards.

The Certificate of Conformity (COC) is officially recognized for vehicle registration purposes in all EEA (European Economic Area) countries.

Product Details

This Volkswagen Certificate of Conformity (COC) is a vital document necessary for registering your vehicle within any European country, and you can acquire it from us at the most competitive price.

Please be informed that the COC number for VW and Volkswagen vehicles is not accessible for vehicles originating from countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA). This applies to countries such as the USA, Canada, Russia, UAE, and others.

In the event that we cannot supply a Volkswagen COC document for your vehicle due to it not being intended for the European market or being too old, we will promptly cancel your order and issue a full refund.

Please take note of the following:

For COC shipments related to vehicles registered before the year 2001, processing may take up to 15 working days.

Certificates of Conformity (COC) for vehicles manufactured prior to the year 2000 do not include the watermark security feature.

B2B VAT Exemption

If you are a business customer within the EU, you can make orders without VAT. To avail of this, you must enter your VAT ID in your customer profile. If you have not registered yet, please ensure to sign up first. Once your VAT ID is added to your profile, all your eligible purchases will be automatically processed without VAT.

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What Our Customers Say

Essential Information for Your Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN: Your Questions Answered

What is the Delivery Time for My Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN?

Delivery time = Processing time + Shipping time

Processing Time: 7 business days.

Shipping time: 1 - 7 business days. Based on the chosen method at checkout.

Our team works diligently to expedite your COC order.

Caution: Avoid sites claiming unrealistically quick deliveries; manufacturers need adequate time to provide the COC.

How Soon Can I Receive a PDF Copy of My COC?

As soon as the processing is complete and we have access to your certificate, we could promptly send you a PDF copy of your COC.

How does a COC differ from eCOC, ICOC, CdS, or data sheets?

A genuine COC is directly issued by the vehicle's manufacturer, ensuring it meets all EU standards for emissions and safety. In contrast, eCOCs, ICOCs, CdSs, or any other data sheets might be independently issued documents that do not have the same official recognition or might not be accepted for vehicle registration in all EU countries.

Using non-authentic documents like eCOCs, ICOCs, CdSs, or any data sheets can lead to difficulties in vehicle registration, potential legal issues, and the risk of fines.

These documents may not be recognized as valid by all EU member states, causing delays and additional costs.

At COC-Online, we provide only authentic Certificates of Conformity (COC), issued by the manufacturer.

How Do I Verify the Authenticity of the COC?

We guarantee that every Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN we provide is completely authentic and comes directly from the manufacturer. These documents are printed on specialized, official paper that is secured through distinctive watermarks, security features like holographic labels, and so on. These security features guarantee that each certificate is genuinely authorized and fully trustworthy.

Is the Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN Recognized Across Europe?

Absolutely. The COC is valid and accepted in all European Economic Area (EEA) countries. It’s a standardized document specifically designed for EU-wide recognition.

In Which Language is the Certificate of Conformity VOLKSWAGEN Issued?

The COC's language does not restrict vehicle registration in any EU country; it’s universally accepted across EU languages. Typically, COCs are issued in German, English, French, or Spanish.

What Are Your Refund and Cancellation Policies?

Orders are eligible for a full refund if they haven't been processed or paid to the manufacturer, usually within 12-24 hours of ordering. Ensure timely cancellation to avail of the refund policy.